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Danish Superintending Co., is an independent and 100% Danish owned company, inaugurated on May 1st. 1974, by a handful of experts with more than 39 years of experience within the inspection business.

Throughout its existence, the company has been situated directly at the Port of Aarhus, and has at all times developed in order to fulfill any demands arisen within our field of work. As a natural part of our development, Danish Superintending Co. offers services using the latest technological evolvement.

Danish Superintending Co. offers a wide range of services, all related to Inspection, Certification and other activities relating to international trade, transport, port- and warehouse facilities. Furthermore, Danish Superintending Co. supplies a.o. security seals, IMCO-labels etc.

With basis and administration at Port of Aarhus, Denmark, Danish Superintending Co. covers the entire Nordic area through a network of carefully chosen inspectors, each of whom are experienced and experts within their field of work. Throughout the world, Danish Superintending Co. cooperates with highly dependable local companies, thus securing your values and transport wherever needed and knowledge of risk and where risks occure.

For any questions with regards to our services, or if you wish to learn more about our activities, we welcome you to contacting us by any means preferable to you. Full details can be found on our Contacts page! For general information about our services, we refer your attention to the points mentioned in the above menu under "service".

Danish Superintending Co. - Your local Partner... ANYWHERE - looks forward to hearing from you.....